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To Nina:

What Ever Happened To You? For All I Know I Used To Like You. Now I Ask Myself, Why? What Happened To Your Sweet Little Smile That Everyone Loved? What Happend To Lunging? ANd You Know What, I Dont Ever Care If Your A Lesbien. Not One Bit. If You Were Thats Completly Fine. It Was Mostly For You Dumping Me, And Probably Never Liking Me. I Always Thought About You, But Now I Should Just Try And Erase You From My Memory. The Biggest Reason For Why You Are Outta My Life, Is Because Of My Friends, Joann And Kevin, Two Of My BEst Friends In The World. I Love Them( in a friend way of course), And I Dont Know What I Would Do Without Them. How Dare You Slap Kevin For No Bloody Reason, And You Try To Get Tyler From Joann When They Are Already Dating. Thats Gross, I Mean Come On. And You Even Dumped Me For That. Well, Good Luck Really Nina, Have Fun Chasing After Us Grade Sevens, And Do Us All A Favor And Stay Away From Us, Its Disgusting. Stay Away From Me, Kevin, And Joann.
By The Way, I Dont Look Like A Girl, Its You Who Looks Like A Bloody Man!!!

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