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Parker's Site

What's Hot, What's Not

Bored? Well here is some fun things to do when your bored, and some not so fun things that you might wanna stay away from!

Robson street is for all you shoppers. Theres like 100s of stores to look in. Also, entertainment on the street like portraits and music.
Go on MSN, talk to your friends, they always make you happy, usually.
Listen to music and have a good time, or else, go jump on your bed!!
Walk around New West with ur friends to like a park, dairy queen, royal city centre and crap.
Metrotown is a great place to shop, eat, see a movie and have tons of fun!!!

See a movie, since theres tons to see nowa days.

Come to my house!

Make up rumors! Yes!!
Writting Stories is very in these days, because for one its lots of fun to do and second of all since school is on, you can get some marks.
Do your homework...i know thats stupid but if you dont it will just catch up. sorry!
Go to a friends house...if not mine...and play video games, watch movies or go somewhere else (see the above)


Read. Reading is time well wasted in the nice weather. On a rainy day, why not watch some TV

Color your things. Its a bad thing to do especailly ur binders. Its just wasting ur money, if your just gunna wreck them.
See the exoricst, NOT. defintly suppose to be a dumb movie and filled with demons!
Dont watch the news. The news is boring and just makes you worried abot stuff.
The grouse grind. Boooring. No fun, just and hour of climbing.
Go out with your parents. Its never fun. All they do is take up all there time doing nothing, ur better off coming with me.
Sit. If your bored make plans!
Clean your room... the only time to do that is when you ABSOLUTLY have NOTHING else to do...then you have no life and you can use your time on that
Complain. COmplaining and saying "Im so bored... boohoo" doesnt get you n e where but depression.
Make up chain letters. ESPECIALLY THOSE DUMB SURVEYS. nobody answers them, and they are all the same...stupid...pointless...boring:)

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