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Shoutouts to My Friends
Here is all my friend i could think of. Im sorry if you are offended if you are not on here. its either you just crossed my mind, or else i dont like you. lol.

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.

Your a good friend. I usually get along with you pretty well, but sometimes we both get pissed at eachother. O well. Just stay cool and be yourself, k? Thanks again.
Alex I Have Known You Since Grade Three. You Like All The Bajangos Are One Of My Best Friends. We Have Been Close For 5 Years, Almost Liek Bro And Sis. You Have Always Stuck By My Side, Even When I Was Sad. Thank You So Much
You Have Been A Great Friend Ever Since "Mystery Inc." Broke Up. It Seems Everyone else Left Eachtoher, But You Stuck By My Side, And Look Where We Are Now. I Feel Like I Can Say Anything Around You. You Are One of My Favorite People To Be Around. You Have A Great Sense Of Humor, And I Can Never Get Enough Of You. Thanks Again.
We Became Friends Because Of Your Friend Stephanie. That Was A Horrible Day For You, And I Feel Your Pain. But Ever Since That Accident, We Have Stayed Close, Even Through Hard Fights. You Have Always Been One To Cheer Me Up. You Are Gorgeous, And You Have A Great Personality. I Wanna Thank You, For Never Giving Up On Me.
Through All My Years I Have Never Met Someone Like You. You Make Me Wanna Laugh And Smile, Because You Are Always Positive And Happy. You Are Soo Funny, And You Always Manage To Make Me Smile When Im Sad. You Are My Best Friend, And You Will Always Be. Thank You For Teaching Me To Be More Outgoing, And To Be Myself, Because Without That, I Would Not Be Here Today. It Has Brough Me Alot Of Blessings. Thank You So Much.
I Dont Hate You So Much N e more. Your nice to me now, so we will see what happens i guess?
Your definitly my best friend ever!The First Time I Saw You, I Thought Of You As Just Another Kid, But We Have Been Through So Much Together, And It Has Been Awesome. You Are A Hilarious Person, And Anyone Would Be Happy To Have You As A Friend. We have had awesome times together at Metrotown! HAHAHA. Good times. We have lots in commmon and maybe in september we will put our book on my page! Anyways thanks for being an awesome friend!!!
Steve, You Called Me One Day, And Asked Me To Go Swimming. That Day Changed My Life. Since Then My Eyes Have Been Opened To See How The World Can Be A Good Place When You Have Friends. Thank You For Never GIving Up On Me.
At first you were the "new girl" and i know u hate being called that but i gotta include it:P. But, ever since you came you have been really sweet and nice to me, except for that one, in the past. Your really sweet and pretty and funny and nice and your a great friend!! I hope you dont go back to moscow(lol) and that we dont have n e more fights and that were always friends. luv ya babe.

You Are A Great Girl. Steve, You Are Such A Lucky Guy. Even Though You Have Broken My Heart, Whenever I See You I Get This Good Feeling, Like Everything Is OK. Thank You For Being My Friend. You Are Very Cute, And Very Nice, And Any Guy Would Be Lucky To Know You.

I Have Known You The 2nd Longest Out Of Anyone Here. You Have Stuck By My Side As My Only JW Friend That Actully Lives In NW. You Have An Awesome Imagination, And It Just A Ride To Know You. Thanks.
Well Meghan, you told me to write you a new shoutout and so i will.
This year you told me that i am not the same as I was last year, and you thought maybe I was abit nicer last year, but the truth is i dont really think i have changed that much. It's just we are not in the same class anymore, and last year we were always together and we never got mad at eachother, but now that our classes are separated, rumors found there way into that little gap. I am sad when you get mad at me, but i know even if you do you will always forgive me? you know why? Because you are an awesome friend, and you are so funny, and nice, and we have alot in common. You may think you are not, but i think you are pretty, and are nice to everyone especially me. Thanks again! tata

I Hated You So Much. But Now We Are Like Great Friends. Your Carelessness Is A Hoot, And Your Stupidity Sometimes (Are You Sure They Invented Fire?) lol. Thanks For Being My Friend.

Baby! Lol. Your such a sweet person! Your like my best friend and my sister, since i've known you for the longest of everyone in the school! You make me feel great when i'm sad, and you're NEVER negative which i love. I luv you amina, as a sister of course. Always do what your heart tells you when it comes to boys;). Thanks for being awesome! LOL.
Prettty little nice and funny. Your another sweetheart and you always will be. Stay close to your friends hunny and never be sad when things arent going to well. Thank you for making me happy, when i was sad, by having a big smile on your face telling me to feel better. Thanks for everything hun.
Marquee, i have known you the least out of Amina and Caela, but you are still one hell of a friend. Your always gunna make me laugh, even when you dont mean to! LOL. I'm really glad were friends and that we have shared lotsa moments together. Luv ya.

Ever Since Last Year, You Have Been Good To Me. You Are My Family, And Even If You Are In Yukon, I Will Never Forget You, Cause Family Is Forever. Your A Great Person, As Well You Are Gorgeous. Your Laugh And You Sense Of Humor Make Everyone Cheer Up. Thanks.
Jodi, your awesome. You always seem to lighten up my day! Your really funny, and your right, we do have alot in common. Your also the first person i have ever "loved" and you were my longest relashionship(1 year). I still do admire you alot, and even though we fight alot, just know that ur really special to me, and i luv ya!
Nicki!!! Sorry you werent on here earlier i havent updated these things forever!!!!!! But Nicole, your so funny and your a good person to sit with in school <lmao Art>. Your so much fun, and I think we have become great friends over the years in Glenbrook (shudder) Your great Nicole, thanks for being a good friend!
My friend Katarina, you are something. You have just recently become my good friend this year. Our group, Kevin Shirine You and I are gunna be doing that dance which is gunna be great!!!! Your so funny and a better judge than i am. STOP BEING SO OBSESSED WITH *Cough*Ryan*Cough. LOL. Sorry! Don't go there girlfriend! lol Luv ya.
Shirine, you are like me in alot of ways. We both love Lord of the Rings, which is the biggest one!!! I love your personality its so great. Your always positve and laughing and you are the easiest person to get along with. Its great to be your friend Shirine, thanks for being mine. Luv ya!!!
Even Though Our "Precious" Ateca Moved Away, We Have Still Managed To Stay A Family. You Are Very Funny, And Very Adaptable To Your Surroundings. You Can Always Make a Laugh Out Of Anything. Thats A Good Thing. Thanks For Being There.
I Have Only Known You For Awhile, But You Are Such A Sweetheart, And I Can See Why All The Guys Like You. You Are Very Cute, Very Smart, And Very Funny. You Are Also Very Positive To Everyone, And I Wanna Thank You For Opening Up To Me And Letting Me Be Your Friend.
Ashley, You Are An Awesome Little Kid. We Have Never Gotten Into A Fight, And You Are Just A Hoot To Be With. You Are So Funny, And Have The Weirdest(ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEAR CLUB) yet Best Sense of Style. Luv Ya Ashley, Thanks For Being There.

Shelaine, You Are Great Girl. You Are Soo Sweet, And Such A Sk8er Girl. You Are Very Sincere To What You Wanna Say, And You Are Just An Awesome Friend. Luv Ya And You Know I Do. Luv Yer Sister To.xoxoxoxo
You Are The Most Coolest Brother Ever. Even Though We Are Siblings, And Thats Not Always Good, You Never Hesitate To Cheer Me Up, Or Tell Me Your Secrets. I Will Always Be Trustworthy Towards You. And Even Though You Are Never Home, You Are Still The Best, And I Think The Whole Family Knows That.
Angie, You Are So Great. From The Very First Time I Met You, I Thought My Brother Had Scored, Because Of How Incredibly Beautiful You Were. But Not Just That. You Had A Huge Smile On Your Face, And You Always Do. You Know I Luv Ya, And I Always Will. Thanks For Talking To Me On MSN All The Time, And Getting Married To Me, And Then Divorced (LOL). Thank You For Everything.
Miguel, You Are So Fun To Be With. Treat Kristin Well Cause Shes A Great Girl. You Are Very Strong, Both Physically And Mentally. I Will Always Be On Your Side. Thanks For Always Making Me Laugh, And Always Hanging Out With Us "Little Kids". :P

You Two Are Like Glued At The Hips. You Are So Funny, And Have The Best Sense Of Humor Out Of Everyone I Have Ever Known. Thanks For Encouraging Me To Snowboard, And At Least Trying To Encourage Me To Sk8Board. LOL. I Cant Wait To Se You All Soon.