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My Family

This Is My Family


Name: James Bert McMullin
Purpose In Family: Father
Date Of Birth: December 8th
Caracteristic: Easy Going Personality


Name: Corinne Sara McMullin
Purpose In Family: Mother
Date Of Birth: May 26th
Caracteristic: Long Luchious Eyelashes


Name: Maxamillion Parker McMullin
Purpose In Family: Brother #2
Date Of Birth: July 18th
Caracteristic: Mustache


Name: Alexandra Louise Ogden McMullin
Purpose In Family: Sister
Date Of Birth: October 20th
Caracteristic: Big Bushy Hair


Name: Spencer James Patrick McMullin
Purpose In Family: Brother #1
Date Of Birth: January 28th
Caracteristic: Annoyingness Stupidity Niceness


Name: Matthew "Matt" Lick
Date of Birth: March 11th
Purpose in the Family: Cousin/Brother #3
Characteristic: Aussie Accent!